Elder’s Guide Volume A



SERMON 1: Soul-Winning Commitment

SERMON 2: My Father and Your Father

SERMON 3: Communion Service Passing On What Was Received from the Lord

SERMON 4: Healthful Living

SERMON 5: Personal Evangelism

SERMON 6: Christian Home

SERMON 7: Health and Temperance

SERMON 8: The Second Coming

SERMON 9: Witnessing

SERMON 10: Our Commitment to Ministry

SERMON 11: The Lamb of God

SERMON 12: The Lamb of God, II

SERMON 13: The Elijah Message

SERMON 14: Missionary Magazines

SERMON 15: Revival

SERMON 16: Literature Evangelism

SERMON 17: Christian Education

SERMON 18: Love in Action - Evangelism

SERMON 19: Jesus the Fountain of Life

SERMON 20: Every Believer a Minister

SERMON 21: Baptism - Joy in Heaven

SERMON 22: Revival of Bible Study

SERMON 23: The Ministry of Women

SERMON 24: The Christian's Reward

SERMON 25: Christian Unity

SERMON 26: Bible Study

SERMON 27: Witnessing

SERMON 28: Expression of Our Faith

SERMON 29: Education and Redemption

SERMON 30: Opening of the Heart to God

SERMON 31: The Triumph of the Cross of Christ

SERMON 32: The More Excellent Way

SERMON 33: Hope in Jesus Only

SERMON 34: Dealing With Difficult Situations

SERMON 35: Friends

SERMON 36: Sharing the Good News

SERMON 37: How to Respond to Need

SERMON 38: Healthy Families

SERMON 39: Parent's Duty

SERMON 40: Jesus, Our Great Physician

SERMON 41: Who Is My Neighbor?

SERMON 42: The Spirit of Prophecy

SERMON 43: Good Preacher and a Receptive Congregation

SERMON 44: A Personal Meeting With Jesus

SERMON 45: Glorying in the Cross

SERMON 46: Be Diligent

SERMON 47: Friends of the Family

SERMON 48: New Birth

SERMON 49: Power of the Cross

SERMON 50: Stewardship

SERMON 50: What's in a Name?

SERMON 52: Jesus Christ Came Into Our World