Elder’s Guide Volume B



SERMON 1: What We Have, We Give

SERMON 2: Where is Jesus?

SERMON 3: Freedom for All the World

SERMON 4: We Reap What We Sow

SERMON 5: The Necessity of the Cross

SERMON 6: Authentic Religion

SERMON 7: Getting Guidance From God

SERMON 8: Giving Ourselves in Service

SERMON 9: Enemies of the Family

SERMON 10: Prayer

SERMON 11: Sin Can Be Forgiven

SERMON 12: A Truthful Discipleship

SERMON 13: Selfishness Separates Families

SERMON 14: The Cross

SERMON 15: Joy Comes in the Morning

SERMON 16: The Trinity

SERMON 17: Beatitudes

SERMON 18: Give What You Have to God

SERMON 19: Facing Need

SERMON 20: A New Name

SERMON 21: Poor in Spirit

SERMON 22: Christ With Us

SERMON 23: Fathers and the Father

SERMON 24: Finding God

SERMON 25: Happy Family

SERMON 26: Winners by the Power of Jesus

SERMON 27: Who is God?

SERMON 28: The Family Deals With Death

SERMON 29: The Living Christ in the Church

SERMON 30: Saved to Witness

SERMON 31: Struggling for Our Faith

SERMON 32: What Gives Meaning to Your Life?

SERMON 33: What is a Christian?

SERMON 34: Following the Master Plan

SERMON 35: The New Commandment

SERMON 36: Our Father

SERMON 37: Start Over Again

SERMON 38: There is a Right Direction in Life

SERMON 39: The Blessing of Being Active

SERMON 40: Hallowed Be Thy Name

SERMON 41: The Representative of Christ on Earth

SERMON 42: Making Room for God

SERMON 43: Thy Kingdom Come

SERMON 44: The Immutable Desire for Material Possessions

SERMON 45: Conforming Our Lives to the Will of the Father

SERMON 46: So You Want to be a Christian

SERMON 47: The Liberator of Sinners

SERMON 48: A Joyful Christian Life

SERMON 49: The Law of God

SERMON 50: Open Our Eyes

SERMON 51: Precious Guidance in the Bible