Elder’s Guide Volume C



SERMON 1: Sound An Alarm

SERMON 2: Freedom for the Defeated

SERMON 3: Complete Abandonment

SERMON 4: Why God Does Not Answer

SERMON 5: Touch the Hem of His Garment

SERMON 6: Thinking of Others

SERMON 7: I Will Build My Church

SERMON 8: The Marriage at Cana

SERMON 9: Christians

SERMON 10: The Church That Left Its First Love

SERMON 11: The Conquering Christ

SERMON 12: Tripped Up In the Race

SERMON 13: When Dead Men Walk

SERMON 14: God At the Center

SERMON 15: Decision Determines Destiny

SERMON 16: Do This and Live

SERMON 17: Give Your Soul a Drink

SERMON 18: In God's Orchard

SERMON 19: Eternity

SERMON 20: How to Get Rich

SERMON 21: It Is Finished!

SERMON 22: The Fire from Heaven

SERMON 23: Marred - So He Made It Again

SERMON 24: Free at Last

SERMON 25: This Amazing Grace

SERMON 26: Help for Afflicted People

SERMON 27: Keep Yourselves

SERMON 28: Room for Jesus

SERMON 29: The Curse of the Broken Law

SERMON 30: The Function of the Law

SERMON 31: Called Into Liberty

SERMON 32: Looking for Yesterday

SERMON 33: God's Moving Question to Meek Moses

SERMON 34: What's the Story on Missions?

SERMON 35: Organizing the Early Church

SERMON 36: Wounded for Me

SERMON 37: Needed-A New Testament Church

SERMON 38: When God Called Moses

SERMON 39: Philip-The Hitch-Hiking Deacon

SERMON 40: The Best is Yet to Come

SERMON 41: Tests of Fellowship

SERMON 42: Why Jesus Came

SERMON 43: The Person God Chooses. . . and Uses

SERMON 44: Wanted-An Advocate

SERMON 45: When a Loved One Dies

SERMON 46: The Going, Growing Early Church

SERMON 47: A Startling Question

SERMON 48: The Christian & Security

SERMON 49: No Time to Lose

SERMON 50: Clothed with the Spirit

SERMON 51: Christmas with Isaiah

SERMON 52: Standing Fast

SERMON 53: Funeral Theme - Under His Wings

SERMON 54: Funeral Theme - Nearer My God to Thee

SERMON 55: Funeral Theme - I Have Finished My Course

RESOURCE 56: Suggestions for Appropriate Funeral Procedure

RESOURCE 57: Offering Prayer Samples

SERMON 58: Musical Communion Service - “Until He Comes”

SERMON 59: Communion Service - In Remembrance of Me

SERMON 60: Communion Service - In Remembrance of Me II

SERMON 61: Communion Service - In Remembrance of Me III