Elder’s Guide Volume D



SERMON 1: The Goal of the Church

SERMON 2: Becoming a Christian

SERMON 3: The Face of Fortune-Barabbas

SERMON 4: Rejoicing with the Prosperity of Others

SERMON 5: Overcoming the Sin of Avarice

SERMON 6: Christ the Head of the Church

SERMON 7: The Triumph of the Cross

SERMON 8: The Prayer of a Depressed Saint

SERMON 9: A Prayer for Divine Correction

SERMON 10: Consequences of Bad Religion

SERMON 11: The Management of Pain

SERMON 12: The Fruits of Salvation

SERMON 13: What the Bible Says About the Three Stages of Man

SERMON 14: Understanding Human Suffering

SERMON 15: The Faith of the Centurion

SERMON 16: What the Bible Says About Vengeance

SERMON 17: The Face of Forgiveness-the Thief

SERMON 18: The Face of Fear-Joseph of Arimathea

SERMON 19: The Face of Faithfulness

SERMON 20: Facing Failure in the Power of Jesus

SERMON 21: The Face of Folly-Judas

SERMON 22: The Sound of a Familiar Voice

SERMON 23: The Face of Favor-Simon of Cyrene

SERMON 24: The Forgotten Beatitude

SERMON 25: Gluttony

SERMON 26: In God's Hands

SERMON 27: God's Affirmative Action

SERMON 28: The Greatness of Christ

SERMON 29: Harvest Time

SERMON 30: The Greatest Cry of God's People Today

SERMON 31: White as Snow

SERMON 32: Going to Jerusalem

SERMON 33: The Joy of Knowing Jesus

SERMON 34: Keeping Warm at the Fire of the Enemy

SERMON 35: A Living Gift

SERMON 36: The Hill of the Lord

SERMON 37: The Lostness of the Lost Man

SERMON 38: A Man Passing Through the Crowd

SERMON 39: Rest Unto Your Souls

SERMON 40: Prayers That We Need to Pray

SERMON 41: Living at a New Address

SERMON 42: Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit

SERMON 43: The Children of God

SERMON 44: Prayer and the Promises of God

SERMON 45: Pride a Sin that Displeases God

SERMON 46: Jesus, God's Affirmative Action to Men

SERMON 47: The Supreme Revelation of God's Love

SERMON 48: The Salt that Saves and Sweetens

SERMON 49: Laziness and the Christian Life

SERMON 50: The Spirit Within and the World Without

SERMON 51: Anger and the Will of God

SERMON 52: What the World Needs Now is Love

RESOURCE 53: Anointing

RESOURCE 54: Reading the Bible in Public

RESOURCE 55: Chairing a Committee Successfully