Elder’s Guide Volume E



SERMON 1: How Does the Christian Influence This World?

SERMON 2: Putting Christ First

SERMON 3: A Conversation About Suffering

SERMON 4: Trust God With Yourself

SERMON 5: The Gifts of the Spirit

SERMON 6: The Good Shepherd

SERMON 7: The Church-the Body of Christ

SERMON 8: The Holy Spirit Invites You

SERMON 9: The Great Woman of Proverbs

SERMON 10: Walking Worthily as a Church Member

SERMON 11: Salvation in the Present Tense

SERMON 12: The Prayers of the Psalmist

SERMON 13: The Peace of the Church

SERMON 14: Dream, but Don't Make Dreams Your Master

SERMON 15: Without Purity, We Cannot Please God

SERMON 16: What Do You Do for Hungry People?

SERMON 17: To Err Is Human, to Forgive Divine

SERMON 18: The Functioning Family

SERMON 19: Mother-A Basic Need of Life

SERMON 20: Why Is Jesus Coming Again?

SERMON 21: The Value of an Attitude of Gratitude

SERMON 22: Marriage-By God's Appointment

SERMON 23: The Road to Duty Is Lonely

SERMON 24: Until Jesus Comes, Be Witnesses

SERMON 25: Believe and Behave

SERMON 26: Who Is Wise?

SERMON 27: The Call to Come and the Call to Go

SERMON 28: Hell's Most Horrible Hypothesis

SERMON 29: A Reliable Guide for Successful Living

SERMON 30: The Christian Family Grows (Part 1)

SERMON 31: The Christian Family Grows (Part II)

SERMON 32: The Influence of Fathers

SERMON 33: Children-God's Probe

SERMON 34: Renew My Witness

SERMON 35: The Secret to Renewal

SERMON 36: It Matters What You Believe

SERMON 37: Gifts That Fathers Can Give

SERMON 38: Seeking God's Guidance

SERMON 39: We Decided to Quit

SERMON 40: As I Had Mercy on Thee

SERMON 41: Receiving God's Guidance

SERMON 42: How Much Do You Love Jesus?

SERMON 43: Never Forget Life's Duties

SERMON 44: Renew My Walk

SERMON 45: The Authority of Jesus Questioned

SERMON 46: Loyalty Commitment Renewal Day

SERMON 47: The Church and Its Mission

SERMON 48: The Secret of Thanksgiving

SERMON 49: Courage to Say Yes

SERMON 50: Reflections of Jesus in Genesis

SERMON 51: Light and Wisdom from the Wise Men

SERMON 52: The Time of Christmas

SERMON 53: Testing God's Guidance