Elder’s Guide Volume F



SERMON 1: Another Comforter

SERMON 2: The Shape of Our Christian Citizenship

SERMON 3: An Imperative Regarding Spiritual Competency

SERMON 4: Jesus Thirsted So That We May Drink

SERMON 5: Renew My Church

SERMON 6: The Call of God

SERMON 7: Swift to Hear, Slow to Speak

SERMON 8: God Can Save Anyone, Anywhere, Any Time

SERMON 9: Candidates for the Crown of Life

SERMON 10: Christianity Makes the Difference

SERMON 11: The Humility of God

SERMON 12: Improving Your Praying

SERMON 13: The Urgency of God

SERMON 14: “Train Up a Child”

SERMON 15: The Grace of God

SERMON 16: “Living for Christ in the Home”

SERMON 17: “Mission Impossible: Accomplished”

SERMON 18: “The Command to Give”

SERMON 19: What It Means To Be Saved

SERMON 20: Privilege Brings Obligation

SERMON 21: The City of God

SERMON 22: Learned From Illness of Loved One

SERMON 23: “Helping Mothers to Be Good Mothers”

SERMON 24: Guidelines for the Prevention of Divorce

SERMON 25: Helping Fathers Be Good Fathers

SERMON 26: You Will Be What You Choose to Be

SERMON 27: The Tricks of the Devil

SERMON 28: Christ's Standard of Integrity

SERMON 29: God Give Us Men

SERMON 30: How Do You Listen to the Divine Word?

SERMON 31: Christ's Concern for Sinners

SERMON 32: When Faith Is Alive

SERMON 33: The Love of God

SERMON 34: Jesus Makes the Difference

SERMON 35: Ministry of Christ to Mental Health

SERMON 36: The Constancy of God

SERMON 37: Parents Who Are Worthy of Honor

SERMON 38: The Angry Jesus

SERMON 39: Look What Love Does

SERMON 40: Ten Ways to Guarantee Unhappiness

SERMON 41: The Joy of Unselfish Service

SERMON 42: What Giving Does for You

SERMON 43: A Cure for the Blues

SERMON 44: The Great I Am

SERMON 45: The Best Exercise

SERMON 46: “In Everything Give Thanks”

SERMON 47: Thanks Be Unto God

SERMON 48: “His Name Shall Be Called: Counselor”

SERMON 49: His Name Shall Be Called: The Mighty God”

SERMON 50: “His Name Shall Be Called: The Everlasting Father”s

SERMON 51: “His Name Shall Be Called: The Prince of Peace”

SERMON 52: “Thou Shalt Call His Name Jesus”

RESOURCE 53: Wedding Ceremony - Let Us Invite Jesus to This Wedding

RESOURCE 54: Wedding Ceremony - A Simple Ceremony for a Home Wedding

RESOURCE 55: Wedding Ceremony - The Sacredness of Marriage

RESOURCE 56: Communion Service - Proclaiming the Lord's Death Until He Comes

RESOURCE 57: Communion Service - When Jesus Gave Thanks

RESOURCE 58: Communion Service - Proclaiming Our Lord's Death

RESOURCE 59: Child Dedication I

RESOURCE 60: Child Dedication II

RESOURCE 61: Child Dedication III

RESOURCE 62: Child Dedication IV

RESOURCE 63: Funeral Service - The House of the Lord

RESOURCE 64: Funeral Service - A Very Present Help in Trouble

RESOURCE 65: Church Dedication