Elder’s Guide Volume H



SERMON 1: God's Eternal Optimism

SERMON 2: The Whole Armor of God

SERMON 3: The Belt of Truth

SERMON 4: The Christian’s Bulletproof Vest

SERMON 5: The Sandals of Readiness

SERMON 6: The Shield of Faith

SERMON 7: Put On the Helmet of Salvation

SERMON 8: The Christian and Family Concerns

SERMON 9: The Thirst of Our Lord

SERMON 10: The Sword of the Spirit

SERMON 11: Prayer for Total Spiritual Mobilization

SERMON 12: The Vows of God

SERMON 13: A God Who Understands

SERMON 14: What Jesus Preached About Himself

SERMON 15: I Am the Bread of Life

SERMON 16: I Am the Light of the World

SERMON 17: I Am the Door of the Sheep

SERMON 18: I Am the Good Shepherd

SERMON 19: I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life

SERMON 20: I Am the True Vine

SERMON 21: Whatever Happens, God’s Work Will Go On

SERMON 22: The Stewardship of Life

SERMON 23: What Is a Christian Mother?

SERMON 24: The Increase of Love in the Family

SERMON 25: Being Christian in the Home

SERMON 26: The Practice of Forgiveness in the Family

SERMON 27: Finding God in the storm

SERMON 28: Walking the Hard Road

SERMON 29: Practicing Your Faith Where You Are

SERMON 30: Our Refuge and Our Fortress

SERMON 31: Responsibility: individual or collective?

SERMON 32: The Price of Success

SERMON 33: The Shepherds and the Flock

SERMON 34: Can These Bones Live?

SERMON 35: A River in the Wilderness

SERMON 36: The Need for Meaningful Worship

SERMON 37: The Elements of Worship

SERMON 38: Hindrances to Worship

SERMON 39: The Response of the Worshiper

SERMON 40: The Faith that Saves

SERMON 41: The Life of Faith

SERMON 42: A Dead Man Speaks to the Living

SERMON 43: Enoch ? the Walk of Faith

SERMON 44: Noah—By Faith He Heeded the Warning of God

SERMON 45: The Sermon of an “Egyptian Mummy Case”

SERMON 46: Moses—An Example of Faith and Action

SERMON 47: Abraham—The Faith that Obeys

SERMON 48: If Life Caves In, What Then?

SERMON 49: Be Not Thou Rebellious?

SERMON 50: Why This Waste?

SERMON 51: Learning to Love

SERMON 52: “One Clear Voice”

SERMON 53: Our Vines Have Tender Grapes

SERMON 54: Bringing Children to Jesus 

SERMON 55: “Home Evangelism”

SERMON 56: The Happy Home